Drive Out The Dark

The brief was to create a short advertising campaign to be shown across social media platforms. The idea was to demonstrate the benefits flashlights can have in particular situations - in this case, camping in the dark wilderness with only an Energizer Compact Lantern to scare away the monsters.

Artwork and animation.

Recipe Advertising, 2015.

Don't Forget Your Batteries

The brief for this campaign was to create two short videos that would be shown on various digital platforms around the Christmas period. Filmed and animated in stop-motion, the idea was to show two popular children's toys (Disney Frozen Remote Control Skating Elsa and the i-Que Robot) being powered and brought to life by Energizer batteries along with the tagline, "Don't Forget Your Batteries" to emphasize the importance of having batteries at Christmas.

Art direction, stop-motion animation and post-visual effects.

Recipe Advertising, 2015.